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Welcome to my website!


Pottery has been my hobby for many years.

On retirement from teaching in 2010, full-time potting was a significant but welcome change to my lifestyle. I lived in France for three years, making decorated functional earthenware and teaching pottery from a home-studio.


 Now back in Surrey, UK, I focus mostly on stoneware, made in my garden-studio & fired in a gas kiln. The French influence remains in my slip decoration: landscapes, trees, fish and birds are recurrent themes.

My work can be seen (and bought!) locally at village fairs and craft fairs and at Dorking Artisan Market. I am a member of Surrey Artists Open Studios: check out the current events page.

I don't sell online, but do get in touch to discuss commissions or to arrange a visit. Go to the contact page, or find me on Instagram @poteriealacarte - just click on the link! 


Personal Challenges


I pot alone in a home-studio so challenges are important.

Some are self-imposed, for my own development.

Some are set for a class or workshop.

Some are agreed with a group of pottery friends.

Some are inspired by episodes of The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Some were set by my wise and much-respected pottery-guru.

Some are inspired by the ceramic community on social media.

The blog will document them occasionally: it is itself a challenge!

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