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Time is standing still .....

So ... after a lot of time setting up the web-pages an impasse was reached.

Questions swirled round my head:

Should I invest in a domain name?

Do I put this site on the next batch of business cards?

At what stage am I ready to start blogging?

Why is my computer not connecting with the internet?

When do I find time to blog now the garden needs more attention?

I went prepared with laptop, but why didn't I get time while we were on holiday?

Now I have found some time, why is my computer not connecting....?

You get the idea.

So it is now or never.

The first pottery challenge (back in February) was inspired by the Great Pottery Throwdown (BBC) which our group of Friday Potters watched together each week with a convivial supper.

"Let's make a clock" someone said, so a bag of Craft Crank was procured and we met one afternoon in Katie's kitchen to construct our clocks.

We arrived with designs: a lighthouse, a "clock of the four seasons, a Gaudi house, a large flower....

I went for an hour-glass shape, handbuilding two sections fairly rapidly with the lovely, forgiving clay and adding thick coils and roughly-shaped leaves. The time-limit meant that we were all focused, stopping only for tea and cake (H&S alert) as, in the spirit of the programme, we raced to get our main shape completed in three hours.

Driving Very Slowly back to my studio, a little bit of tweaking was all that was needed. The "face" was painted with white slip and it was left to dry....

Clock-movements were ordered online and distributed to all participants....

Eventually, after a few weeks, I plucked up the courage to lower it into the kiln for a bisque firing.

A few colour tests were done: Patricia tried out a range of underglaze colours and I experimented with oxides under two different glazes.....

Chrome and Crocus Martis are probably my favourites but the pressure of other projects has taken over.

The clock remains in a corner, in bisque form.

Measurements have been taken: it will fit in the gas kiln.

One day.

Meanwhile, for my clock at any rate, time is standing still.

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