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Winding up (& down)...

If you've been following me on Instagram then you'll have seen these finished clocks already:

Firstly, inspired by the challenge set on the Great Pottery Throwdown earlier this year - a clock (40cm high) made in Craft Crank - originally I was thinking of making it suitable for outside, but it looks great in my conservatory alongside a collection of rustic pots.

Crocus Martis and Chrome oxides have added a bit of contrast and a nice sheen under the woodash glaze.

I ordered several clock movements, so a few more clocks will appear ... eventually!

Secondly, here is this term's completed Year 6 project: a ferris-wheel clock mounted on plywood and safely installed alongside last year's helter-skelter.

Well done to the whole class!

So that winds it up for the "time" theme - time now to wind down for a summer break... or is it?

Just before going away on holiday, I took two platters out of the kiln. Really pleased with this one: it's a favourite view of the Seven Sisters from Birling Gap. The celadon glaze over black slip gives it an old-school sepia effect.

Can't publish the other one yet as it's a gift and hasn't yet been presented!

While we've been away, some days have been too hot to leave the house, so I haven't quite escaped thinking about pottery (do I ever...?!)

Did a talk back in May accompanied by a rather clunky set of photos in a slide-show. They are now organised into a much more polished Powerpoint presentation ready for the next talk in mid-August.

And then as we were travelling by car, I couldn't resist packing a back of slightly-too-hard clay which has now been transformed into 12 little bird whistles, plus 72 medals for a children's "Sportiing Heroes" event, 42 little bluebirds and 40 owls. All ready for firing when I get home.


If you're local to Surrey, see you at Capel in August or at North Holmwood in Sept.

Look on the Current Events page for more details.

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