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A high ... and the Downs.

In August I set myself some targets ....

Well, I have been drawing a little more from real-life.

And my last display at Bookham Country Market was more minimal.

However, the "throw-and-throw-away" session is, as yet, just a note in the this space!

In September, the theme for North Holmwood Village Day was "Sporting Heroes" so I made a lot of bisque-fired medals, each with a star and some gaudy ribbon, for children to paint at the stall. This raised £20 in donations for the local charities being supported by the event. The display of medals also earned me a certificate and a basket of biscuits for the best decorated stall - an accolade I didn't expect. The children's colouring was much more satisfying in gouache so that will replace the felt-tips for future fairs.

The organisers also commissioned a

set of medals for the 5k fun run

associated with the Village Day.

These were fun to design and make: I used blue and green slips with sgraffito to represent the church and pond that characterise the village. The figures were printed individually using oxide and each medal was inscribed on the back.

Walking the Seven Sisters in early September has renewed my enthusiasm for the windswept chalk landscapes of the South Downs....

Trawling ceramic websites for a slip-glaze combination to give green under reduction firing is another task for autumn evenings but meanwhile the wheel calls....


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