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Plates & Platters
Plate - lavender fields - 20cm
Incense plates - 12cm
Plate - Bluebell woods - 20cm
Plate - John Dory - 20cm
Seven Sisters: Wild
Ste Victoire
Three windswept trees
Lavender fields
Three fishes (2)
Seven Sisters: monochrome
Birds on a line
Ste Victoire: vineyards
Earthenware fish platter
"Provence" platter #2 (detail)

Jugs & Mugs

Landscape mug
Medium jug - ash glaze
Medium mug - blue abstract
Medium jug - blue landscape
Small jug
Small mug - landscape design
Trees in the mist
"Coast" mug, approx 11cm
Carved jug, approx12cm
Blue mug with trees
Medium jug "Mediterranean" design
"Tree" jugs 16-18cm high
"Landscape" mug and little jug
Very large earthenware jug
"Sahara" design mugs
Medium "tree" jugs
"Seven sisters" large jug
"Tree" jugs, medium size
Cereal bowl: "French village" spiral
Small bowl with pouring spout
Bowl, approx 15cm diameter
Bowls "Landscape" design
Cereal bowl "Seven Sisters" spiral d
Cereal bowl: "lavender field" design
Cereal bowl: "urban trees" design
Cereal bowl: "French village"
2016 bowls
Cereal bowl: "Hen" design
Cereal bowl: "Coast" design
Large bowl, John dory design
Pots for Plants
Wall planter - W 15cm
Vases - leaf design
Small vase - blue landscape
Hand-built vase - coast imprints
Large vase - blue flower design
Hanging Planter
Hanging Planter
Large planter: "Cassis" design
Green planter
Cornucopia-style planter
Small planter: "trees" design
2017 planters
Out and About
House name - 25cm
Round name plaque
Cane-toppers (blue)
Owl cane-toppers
Fairy Door - made to order_edited
Fairy door H15cm
Square house tile.
Oval house plaque
Medals for local Fun Run
Store and Show
Storage jars - H12cm
Raised plate - sgraffito - D25cm
Flowery dish: "Rose" design
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