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Hanging in there

Coming back to the wheel after a break is a challenge

in itself, but I am determined to keep at it this summer.

The rhythm of production involves preparing the clay,

throwing a series of shapes, turning, decorating, drying,

bisque-firing, glazing and then a final firing in the gas kiln.

Once the clay is prepared, the sequence has started and

I am motivated to keep going.

As well as some more lanterns, I have been working on

hanging planters - nice rounded shapes that can be

suspended to display house-plants. I still love the effect of

a rice-husk chun glaze over white, blue and black slip.

Sgraffito decoration reflects a natural theme: landscapes,

trees and of course plants!

Several were sold at Reigate Crafters last month but there

are more for the Hand-Made Affair at Shopfest on 13th May:

come along to Denbies tomorrow to see them!

Dennis my guru has set me a bowls challenge which I still

want to get right: watch this space....

Meanwhile, a few more planters and lanterns are drying

alongside some giant mugs with a new decorative theme

and today I plan to prepare another batch of clay:

the cycle continues!

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