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Probably said this before...

So it's too hot to be in the studio or outside: an ideal opportunity to renew website updates. The laptop is in a cooler part of the house but is playing up, so I'm trying my Wix app instead ... fingers crossed. Hate technological problems, love clay challenges...

Talking of which, this summer the Year 6 Roller Coaster project proved to be quite tricky: but we did it!

The kurinuki method was used to carve out cars from rectangular blocks of clay. Slip decoration and model people were added, with further underglaze colours after a bisque-firing. Then the glazed cars were glued onto a chipboard "track" and hey presto ... success!

PS Never managed to work out how to add a photo using the app ... finally managed on a second lap-top. Aaaaargh!

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Stevie Carter
10. Aug. 2022

Thought I had added some images, but noooooo!

Gefällt mir
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