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Marching on

It's March already: where did those months go? Oh yes, I the studio!

Here are the four main challenges so far this year:

The first challenge was making bird baths with a group of 10 year-olds. I provided moulds made from a wok and we wrestled stoneware slabs into cylinders to support the slip-painted bowls. I had to research a suitable glaze and make some adjustments so they all fit together but they are nearly ready to install...

I think they'll look better outside!

In February I finally tackled the challenge of throwing some identical bowls. This involved preparing carefully weighed balls of clay and lots of checking with a ruler...sadly still not identical but within a reasonable tolerance. Decorated with slips on a spiral theme (fish, houses or trees) they are waiting to be fired: watch this space!

The third challenge is all-consuming: I wake up thinking about it and am forever doodling ideas on scraps of paper. It is the inspiring #30platesin30days on Instagram. The challenge is to post a different plate every day in April: obviously they have to be made ahead of time and I am loving the creative stimulus it has generated. There is a different theme for each day, so it forces you to think outside the box. I'll display the finished plates in my blog in April but meanwhile here is a taster of some works in progress to illustrate the variety of techniques.

Finally, the fourth challenge is to publish my website using my new phone instead of the slow old laptop. If you're reading this blog, then so far so good! 

Hope to see some of you at the Handmade Affair at Denbies, Dorking on 24fh March.

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