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New techniques, new ventures, sad news..

After a long break in this blog, there should be lots to report. However, precisely because there is a lot to say it is important to be selective and therefore brief...

The sad news is that our dear friend and mentor, Dennis, died in August. The Friday Potters are working on the last project that he set us and I'll report on that in a few weeks. It is enough to say for now that he lives on in our hearts and particularly whenever a pottery problem occurs.

"What would Dennis say?" continues to be our mantra.

A couple of weeks on the coast of Gwynedd restored the spirits. As we were house-sitting, I took some clay along for those rainy days (although there was only one!)

Having brought only a minimal tool-box, a series of slab vases reflect a new-found freedom, inspired by the wild landscape and marked with pieces of slate, shells and seaweed borrowed from the foreshore.

Meanwhile, the calendar has filled up for November with several workshops planned between the Christmas Craft Fairs and a couple of days as "professional development" visiting exhibitions. I'm looking forward to visiting Art-in-Clay in Farnham on the 16th or 17th..

And I hope to see you at Denbies in Dorking on the 3rd!

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